In 2009 IBC Systems took the intiative from client requests to start providing hosted technology solutions to solve problems. Driven by our clients for our clients we realized the best way to manage these needs was to do it in house. Our clients required complex solutions that would require a large initial investment in hardware, software and time.

Seeing this as a way to grow our business model we moved quickly but intelligently with the technology in question. After nearly 2 years of research, design, testing, and final integration IBC SYSTEMS is proud to offer these 2 best of market solutions to our clientel.

Internet Cloud Based Backup & Storage


Cloud based (Internet) storage is the latest technology option to protect your computers important local data. By utilizing a standard internet connection in the off hours IBC SYSTEMS can protect your critical PC or file server data in a very simple fashion.

IBC SYSTEMS utilizes the CTERA's Cloud Attached Storage solution for a complete protection alternative. CTERA combines a local device with intergrated cloud services to provide a simple backup solution, all-in-one with shared storage, data protection and collaboration - avoiding the need for separate, more expensive and difficult-to-manage solutions.

Key Features of the IBC SYTEMS C-Portal

Multi-Layered Data Protection: For protecting business data against a variety of causes, ranging from accidental loss or theft, local disasters, hardware failure and human error.

Hybrid Cloud & On-Premises Architecture: CTERA's unique technology makes the cloud accessible without the need to change local systems, while extending local network storage capabilities with a variety of services.

Remotely Managed Solution: Enabling MSPs, VARs and enterprise IT departments to run a fully managed solution without on-site IT presence.

Safe & Secure: We have taken great care to make our solution as secure as possible, adopting recognized industry standards in encryption, data fingerprinting and access control.

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Advanced Email Security & Content Protection


The SPE (Service Provider Edition) of Mail Marshal allows IBC SYSTEMS to provide a centralized internally managed gateway for client internet email servers. This solution provides content protection, SPAM protection, Anti-Virus Scanning, Email Archival, and Email System redundancy.

By utilizing M86 Security’s highly customizable SPE product, IBC SYSTEMS is able to provide a highly standardized system for protecting clients email systems. The IBC array of servers consists of 6 dedicated SMTP engines sending and receiving all customers’ mail. These systems have been built in such a way to provide exception mail redundancy. The backend powered by Microsoft SQL server provides all tracking and management of email transactions.

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